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Le liste e l’affluenza, comune per comune. [134], The Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the SNP and Labour all support a ban on fracking, whilst the Conservatives propose approving fracking on a case-by-case basis. Il numero da raggiungere per vincere le presidenziali USA è 270, la soglia dei grandi elettori da aggiudicarsi per conquistare di diritto la Casa Bianca.. [333] There was debate as to whether Corbyn's unpopularity or their position on Brexit was more significant. Corbyn annuncia le proprie dimissioni per inizio 2020 e Trum… [197] Ofcom rejected the Conservatives' complaint on 3 December. Health contact updated and new e-mail address for Advanced manufacturing and processing contact. They conclude that the SNP's plans for Scottish independence would likely require increased austerity. [163], Brexit was the most tweeted topic for the Conservative Party (~45% of tweets), the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party (~40% each). [117][118][119][120][113] They found that Labour's plan to spend and invest would boost economic growth, but the impact of tax rises, government regulation, nationalisations and the inclusive ownership fund could reduce growth, meaning the overall impact of Labour's plan on growth is uncertain. Other policies included increased spending on the NHS; free childcare for two-to-four-year-olds; recruiting 20,000 more teachers; generating 80% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030; freezing train fares; and legalising cannabis. The report said they were the only party whose proposals would put debt "on a decisively downward path", praising their plan to put 1p on income tax to go to the NHS as "simple, progressive and would raise a secure level of revenue". Le liste e l’affluenza, comune per comune. Corbyn annuncia le proprie dimissioni per inizio 2020 e Trum… Elezioni USA 2020: le prime reazioni dei wrestler ... NXT UK in italiano – Carny Talk. The Labour leadership campaign was marked by conflicting analyses of what had gone wrong for the party in the general election. (Exemptions apply for emergencies. Elezioni Uk 2019, chiusi i seggi ecco i primi risultati: per gli exit poll, Boris Johnson ha la maggioranza assoluta. As a result, they formed a minority government, with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) as their confidence and supply partner. Elezioni Regionali 2020, i risultati del voto in Veneto, Liguria, Marche, Puglia, Campania, Toscana e Valle d'Aosta: segui lo spoglio e gli aggiornamenti live. Primarie, candidati, dibattiti e molto altro. [167] In response to the re-branding on Twitter, the Electoral Commission, which does not have a role in regulating election campaign content, called on all campaigners to act "responsibly",[176][175][177] fact-checking body Full Fact criticised this behaviour as "inappropriate and misleading", and Twitter stated that it would take "decisive corrective action" if there were "further attempts to mislead people". They assess that the public sector does not have the capacity to increase investment spending as Labour would want. Battuti Lucio "Pierenzo" Muraglie e Guido Franzò. Poi è arrivato il 2020 e con esso la pandemia, e tutto si è fermato. Credit The New York Times. [110], The Lib Dems also promised to put the environment at the heart of their agenda with a promise to plant 60 million trees a year. Johnson was criticised for what some saw as his late response to the flooding[239][240] after he said they were not a national emergency. ", "Labour's Brexit policy is clear. compensating WASPI women, not shown above), and not for day-to-day spending. [52] Newsnight reported that conversations between members of the Brexit Party and the Conservative, pro-Brexit research support group European Research Group (ERG) led to this decision. Usa 2020. [152] Other research suggested it would have taken 78% of people voting tactically to prevent a Conservative majority completely, and would not have been possible to deliver a Labour majority. Johnson later succeeded in bringing his Withdrawal Agreement to a second reading in Parliament, following another extension until January 2020. ", "What is in the Liberal Democrats manifesto? ", "Labour vows to electrify England's entire bus fleet by 2030", "Election manifestos: Labour tops Friends of the Earth's climate and nature league table", "Tory spending plans: Sajid Javid's key pledges", "Tory manifesto 'to forge a new Britain' - Johnson", "The outlook for the public finances: the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos compared", "McDonnell rejects claims Labour would leave people worse off", "IFS manifesto verdict: neither Tories nor Labour have credible spending plan", "UK parties not being 'honest with the electorate', think-tank says", "Tories and Labour 'lack credible spending plans, "Look closer at the IFS manifesto report. [230] Two other Conservative candidates were suspended from the Conservative Party over antisemitic social media posts, but retained their candidacy for the party. This included support for renewable energies and a promise to plant 2 billion trees by 2040. [237] A week before election day, former Conservative prime minister John Major warned the public against enabling a majority Conservative government, to avoid what he saw as the damage a Johnson-led government could do to the country through Brexit. [9] In Northern Ireland, nationalist MPs outnumbered unionist ones for the first time in history, although the Unionist popular vote remained higher (43.1 per cent). [53][54][55], The Green Party also did not stand in two Conservative-held seats, Chingford and Woodford Green and Calder Valley, in favour of Labour. [269], As during the 2017 election, the electoral process was the most covered media topic for this election (31% of all coverage). [164], Of the 20 most prominent spokespeople in media coverage of the first week of the election period, five were women, with SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, in seventh place, the most featured. [155] The organisation challenged Labour supporters to devote a week or more to campaigning full-time (by 4 December, 1,400 people had signed up). [141] There were various electoral pacts and unilateral decisions. [241], The Conservatives banned Daily Mirror reporters from Johnson's campaign bus. [112] During the election the parties produced manifestos that outlined spending in addition to those already planned. The election result allowed Johnson a mandate to ensure the UK's departure from the European Union on 31 January 2020, thereby ending hopes of the Remain movement of overturning the result of the 2016 referendum. The IFS is particularly critical of the policy to compensate the so-called "WASPI women", announced after the manifesto, which is a £58bn promise to women who are "relatively well off on average" and will result in public finances going off target. [46], In addition, the Liberal Democrats did not run against Dominic Grieve (independent, formerly Conservative),[47] Gavin Shuker (independent, formerly Labour),[48] and Anna Soubry (The Independent Group for Change, formerly Conservative). The Labour manifesto was described as introducing "enormous economic and social change", and increasing the role of the state to be bigger than anything in the last 40 years. Both the Brexit Party and the Conservatives denied any deal was done between the two. Le elezioni generali nel Regno Unito del 2017 si sono tenute l'8 giugno per eleggere i 650 elettori parlamentari del 57° Parlamento del Regno Unito.La 56ª legislatura si sarebbe conclusa nel 2020, cinque anni dopo l'ultima consultazione nel 2015. [164] According to the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, "Standards/scandals" received as much coverage overall as health. Big Q: is this just noise or the signal at the start of a trend? [115] Labour's John McDonnell said borrowing would only be for investment and one-offs (e.g. [citation needed], The Conservatives pledged net zero emissions by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. [121] The IFS also stated that it is "highly likely" spending under a Conservative government would be higher than in that party's manifesto, partly due to a number of uncosted commitments. ", "10 key marginal seats that may define the general election", "Ex-Labour minister urges constituents to vote Tory to stop Corbyn", "Scottish Labour drops Falkirk candidate over antisemitism claims", "Tory election candidate for Leeds North East claims British Jews return from Israel as 'brainwashed extremists, "Condemnation for Conservative candidate who described British Jews returning from Israel as 'brainwashed extremists, "Tory candidate suspended over anti-Semitism", "Tories drop candidate who said Jews return from Israel 'brainwashed extremists' (edited 20 November 2019)", "Brexit Party withdraws support from Glenrothes candidate over 'rampant homophobia, "General election 2019: SNP drop candidate over claims of anti-Semitism", "Tory candidate suspended for 'unacceptable' comments", "Hackney North Lib Dem candidate dropped over 'clearly offensive' tweets", "Lib Dem candidate suspended from party over 'clearly anti-Semitic' remarks", "Tory candidate suspended amid 'anti-Muslim' claims", "Tories raised three times as much as Labour in pre-election donations", "Theresa May to resign as prime minister", "Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM", "The Independent Group becomes 'Change UK' to stand in European elections", "Independent Group calls for new members to become 'fully fledged political party, "Tory rebel Antoinette Sandbach joins Lib Dems ahead of election", "At Odds With Labour, Britain's Jews Are Feeling Politically Homeless", "Our Labour values have not changed but we can't support a leader who has so utterly failed on antisemitism", "Tory minister cornered over Islamophobia live on television", "Who were the Conservative Brexit rebels? [323][324] Recommendation by tactical voting websites had some benefit for Liberal Democrat candidates. No changes were submitted by the government during the 2017–2019 Parliament. ", "What are the Brexit Party's 12 key policies? Over one weekend during the campaign period, 700 Labour supporters campaigned in Iain Duncan Smith's constituency, Chingford and Woodford Green, which was regarded as a marginal, with a majority of 2,438 votes at the 2017 general election. ", "And then there were three: Remain tactical voting sites fail to agree", "It was a mistake to launch tactical voting sites so early in the election campaign", "Tactical voting website criticised for 'bogus' advice", "Revealed: The Lib Dem Links to a 'Bogus' Tactical Voting Site", "Tactical voting sites have spread confusion and animosity. Labour's vision, the IFS said, "is of a state not so dissimilar to those seen in many other successful Western European economies" and presumed that the manifesto should be seen as "a long-term prospectus for change rather than a realistic deliverable plan for a five-year parliament". chieti; ... ELEZIONI COMUNALI 2020 - RISULTATI COMUNE DI sorrento (campania) BALLOTTAGGIO 19 sezioni su 19. [335], Successful Liberal Democrat MPs were critical in private of how the party's decision to run with revoking the exercise of Article 50 was made and communicated. I conservatori del premier Boris Johnson in netto vantaggio con 364 seggi contro i 202 del Labour. [142] Under the banner of Unite to Remain, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party of England and Wales agreed an electoral pact in some seats, but some commentators criticised the Liberal Democrats for not standing down in some Labour seats. Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The only independent elected to Parliament in 2017, Sylvia Hermon, represented North Down but did not stand in 2019. Pubblicato il: 28/11/2020 07:21 "Alla Corte Suprema! Voters cited Corbyn's leadership and Brexit as to why they either switched to the Conservatives or stayed at home. [320] Most notable was the 'red wall' turning blue in the election, which secured the Conservative majority. Some criticised the election campaign for being "hubristic" with its initial defining message that Swinson could be the country's next Prime Minister. ", "May's government survives no-confidence vote", "Boris Johnson's call for general election rejected by MPs", "Cornered Boris Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat", "Boris Johnson loses sixth vote in six days as election bid fails", "Johnson raises stakes in fresh election gambit", "Brexit: Parliament breaks deadlock with vote for 12 December election", "Early Parliamentary General Election Bill - Hansard", "Timetable for UK Parliamentary general election - Thursday 12 December 2019", "Election schedule: Full timetable as MPs approve Boris Johnson's December 12 vote", "Why UK election outcome is impossible to predict", "Government eyes first December general election since 1923", Electoral Commission: Deadline for registration ahead of an election, "Representation of the People Act 1983, Section 1", "Types of election, referendums, and who can vote - GOV.UK", "How to Register to Vote If You're Homeless", "Representation of the People Act 1985, Section 1", "Electoral Office of Northern Ireland - Overseas Elector registration", "House of Lords Reform Act 2014, Section 4", "Guidance for Electoral Registration Officers (Part 4 – Maintaining the register throughout the year)", "All the key General Election dates and deadlines", "New Parliament to start on Tuesday December 17", "ORDERS APPROVED AND BUSINESS TRANSACTED AT THE PRIVY COUNCIL HELD BY THE QUEEN AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE ON 6TH NOVEMBER 2019", "Every Conservative candidate for the 2019 general election", "Vince Cable kicks off Lib Dem leadership contest as he confirms departure date", "Jo Swinson becomes first woman to be elected leader of Liberal Democrats", "Candidates confirmed for general election", "Full list of 60 'Remain alliance' seats revealed as Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru agree pact to stop Brexit", "Lib Dems will stand aside for Dominic Grieve, as polling predicts a Boris Johnson majority", "Luton Liberal Democrats Put Country Before Party By Standing Down In Luton South For Pro-Remain Independent – Luton Liberal Democrats", "Lib Dems will not stand in Broxtowe against Anna Soubry, party confirms", "General election: Farage says Brexit party will not stand in 317 Tory seats - live news", "Boris Johnson will reject Nigel Farage's election offer of a Brexit alliance pact", "Brexit Party rules out standing in Tory seats", "What Nigel Farage's withdrawal from Tory seats does and doesn't mean", "We won't stand aside for you in any seats, Johnson tells Farage", "Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford", "Green candidate steps aside to help Labour unseat Iain Duncan Smith", "Exclusive: The Greens tried to form a progressive alliance with Labour. [94] Of the 21 expelled, 10 were subsequently reinstated, while others continued as independents. Labour's defeat led to Jeremy Corbyn announcing his intention to resign, triggering a leadership election won by Keir Starmer. [100], The Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, The Independent Group for Change, and the Green Party of England and Wales were all opposed to Brexit, and proposed that a further referendum be held with the option – for which they would campaign – to remain in the EU. [58] The Women's Equality Party stood aside in three seats in favour of the Liberal Democrats, after the Lib Dems adopted some of its policies. [197] In the Loughborough analysis, during the first week of the campaign, for example, the Conservatives had a positive press coverage score of +29.7, making them the only party to receive a positive overall presentation in the press. [168] In response to criticism over the doctored Starmer footage, Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly said the clip of Starmer was satire and "obviously edited". [11][10] The party's leader in Wales, Jane Dodds, was also unseated. [133], The policies of the SNP included a second referendum on Scottish independence next year as well as one on Brexit, removing Trident, and devolution across issues such as employment law, drug policy, and migration. The first-past-the-post system used in UK general elections means that the number of seats won is not directly related to vote share. Elezioni USA 2020: tre giorni per l’esito finale . The shadow cabinet must get behind it", "General election 2019: Brexit - where do the parties stand? The United Kingdom has become the first Western nation to authorize a Covid-19 vaccine, a landmark moment in the coronavirus pandemic that … While the Conservatives gained support in England and Wales, they lost support in Scotland in the face of a major SNP advance. Johnson could not induce Parliament to approve a revised withdrawal agreement by the end of October, and chose to call for a snap election. The UUP did not see a second referendum as a necessary route to achieving this goal. [201], Before candidate nominations closed, several planned candidates for Labour and for the Conservatives withdrew, principally because of past social media activity. This was denied by the Conservative Party. featured in 23.9% of coverage and men in 76.1%. The Brexit Party has largely replaced UKIP in British politics, with UKIP (which gained 12.6% of the vote but just one MP at the 2015 election) losing almost all its support. ELEZIONI UK 2019, RISULTATI: PER EXIT POLL VINCONO I TORY. The pollster responsible argued in the aftermath that the unpopularity of the labour leadership limited the effectiveness of tactical voting. [132], The Brexit Party was also focused on Brexit. In July 2019, after May's resignation, Boris Johnson was elected as Conservative leader and appointed as Prime Minister. [183], ITV aired a head-to-head election debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on 19 November, hosted by Julie Etchingham. [272] James Hanning, writing in the British Journalism Review, said that, when reporting and commenting on Boris Johnson, Conservative supporting newspapers made little mention of "a track record that would have sunk any other politician". A new variant of Covid-19 has been identified in the southeast of England, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Monday, as he announced that … In newspapers, Labour received two-fifths (40%) of the coverage and the Conservatives 35%. The Liberal Democrats won 11 seats, down 1, despite significantly increasing their share of the popular vote. Johnson did make a statement covering these two issues, something which Farage referenced as key when announcing he was standing down some candidates. ", "Lib Dems consider hung Parliament options", "Nicola Sturgeon leaves open idea of DUP-style deal with Labour", "Election 2019: Labour looks at plans for hung parliament", "DUP could support a Labour government in the event of a hung parliament, says Foster", "Electoral pacts show just how broken our voting system is - whoever you support", "Police assessing claims that Tories offered peerages to Brexit party", "So why aren't the Lib Dems standing down in Canterbury? Most candidates are representatives of a political party, which must be registered with the Electoral Commission's Register. A referendum was held in June 2016, and the Leave campaign won by 51.9% to 48.1%. [125] They also proposed increased funding for childcare and on the environment. [129][130] Over a decade, Labour planned to reduce the average full-time weekly working hours to 32, with resulting productivity increases facilitating no loss of pay. [235], Several former Labour MPs critical of Corbyn endorsed the Conservatives. The IFS assesses the claim that tax rises will only hit the top 5% of earners, as "certainly progressive", but "clearly not true", with those under that threshold impacted by changes to the marriage allowance, taxes on dividends or capital gains, and lower wages/higher prices that might be passed on from corporation tax changes. Local elections in the United Kingdom are expected to be held on 6 May 2021 in English local councils and for thirteen directly elected mayors in England and 40 police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. [236] Meanwhile, several former Conservative MPs, including former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, endorsed the Liberal Democrats and/or independent candidates. [97], The Labour Party proposed a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement (towards a closer post-withdrawal relationship with the EU) and would then put this forward as an option in a referendum alongside the option of remaining in the EU. Hanvey was elected;[71] the others were not. [109], Under the first-past-the-post electoral system, voter turn-out (especially in marginal seats) has a crucial impact on the final election outcome[citation needed], so major political parties disproportionately focus on opinion poll trends and these constituencies. They gained seats in several Labour Party strongholds in Northern England that were held by the party for decades, which had formed the 'red wall'. Some of Labour's proposals are described as "huge and complex undertakings", where significant care is required in implementation. The IFS also said plans to "virtually quintuple" current spending levels on universal free childcare amounted to "creating a whole new leg of the universal welfare state".

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