dobermann blu isabella

Have you ever seen a female dog get cervical cancer?? You are the product of mating genetics just as much as a white or silver Doberman or two humans of any color (some better adapted than others awhile, but then things change) because a male had an erection and a female accommodated it by choice or force. I am honored to read your story. Do you happen to know more than they do? I wish people would stop talking trash about them when they have never experienced having one. I bet half of you owners with “healthy” white Dobies haven’t seen been to a vet more than three times with that dog. She has not health or behavior issues. I couldn’t read your whole rant cuz I got bored …but my blue weighs 140 so your statement that they are small is false. As far as the akc lots of dogs that ar registered with them now did not start out with them they accept new breeds all the time. I took four semesters in genetic based studies just for shiggles; this stuff is easy to understand if you just READ. Several different types available. They were gorgeous animals will massive abilities and they have been evolved into the short, squat English bulldogs we know today only because of the breeding. Most people know the Doberman as a black dog with brown markings. yes they are blue but that does not mean the dog is “white” it is ALBINO, there is no such thing as a white Doberman. In my opinion if yo decide to breed the it should be a “z” to a “non-z” this is just me and i know that somebody will chew me out behind it but “we” all humans come from 2 people. because the black ones are the best for you and far superior to the plain white ones. Only Shebah. We have a red Doberman at PAWS in Tinley Park, Illinois. That is why the AKC registers them (albeit with the distinguishable Z designation much in part to the decrying of folks whonm think they are much smarter than they are in the area of all things wise and wonderful). So for example, the sunlight affecting them is a fact, it is much more than causing them to squint or blink a lot. Some people are totally a-holeish about it. Have a great forever home full of love. Every bit as PERFECT as any other color expression of our beloved Doberman Pinschers. It seems the Doberman breed has a very strong heart. I think some people have developed an absurd bias. Back to the people want the unusual, but don’t realize how much work comes with it. To the guy that said the bull mastiff came about by interbreeding other bull mastiffs — you are an idiot. I use to breed Dobermans. Ya’ll need to learn how to take care of dogs and shut up. One day, the gene pool might be sufficiently large enough to breed-out any unwanted traits from the initial in-breeding…. Again, don’t fix your pets because it’s cruel and inhumane. They get alot of play time together running and wrestling in the fenced yard (like 3-4 hours) then when it’s time for me to leave for work they are so tired, they naturally will fall asleep inside the house. She’s a doll, and we don’t have any issues, but it’s crap about her eyes being normal. White Tigers are not albinos, and therefore do not suffer the genetic weaknesses common to albinos. I have had alot of dobermans over the years all colors the color does not make the dog what makes the dog is how you raise it train it love it and socialize them. Lay blame where blame belongs, the people who don’t spay, neglect, and/or abuse animals. Have some bad news for people that are upset about white dobies being the result of inbreeding. my first dobe was white, I rescued him, he was def, and blind in one eye, as well he was a fear biter, he passed at only 3 years of age due to cancer… some people get lucky with health issues… I was informed of problems and gave home the best home I could. I believe that Albinos should not be bred but i am not an advocate of euthanizing them. General colouring can be black, brown, blue or isabella in combination with tan. Sure, some may be loving, intelligent, and even have no health problems; however, the majority of them do. Can a fawn doberman have a pink nose or do all of them have brown nose? Scared. Today, the Dobermann's are known for their upmost loyalty to their ‘hooman’ families. Little did I know at the time the classification of “WZ” would come to haunt my wallet and health of our new pup. That’s you. hello I want buy the 5 Doberman with the 5 different color can you help me to buy this puppy from the best quality and best price can you offer me the best club or if you have this puppy sale to me please help me please sent a message to me via my Joan thanks for helping this dobe As far as food for upset stomachs, usually vets recommend something like plain rice and chicken. Not everyone wants one, and people are impressionable. If at some point the color can come about without promoting bad health and temperament, then that’s great. Never give anyone or any animal a second chance. How is the red and black dobermans with children, especially small children? I would break in half and give him twice a week in a cracker with peanut butter. Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. She has a perfect Doberman physique and is unbelievably sweet and kind. Some have went on to shows. Do you know they can get cancer if you don’t get them fixed? Ok, I think it needs to be said… that while whites are beautiful, intelligent, loving and just as wonderful as any other color of dobe, the akc doesn’t accept them. ok, not all white dobes are unhelthy. Third problem: our moZart sufferes from lick granuloma issues and benign lipoma tumors (6) in total! We have beautiful, healthy dogs. Mutt dogs (shelter dogs) make better pets for the simple fact that they are not typically bred for a specific purpose and this gives them (depending on the mix of breeds) wonderful personalities and surprising qualities. White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. However, there are cases in which the eyes of an albinistic animal appear red or purple, depending on the amount of pigment present. Fantastic dogs. They are NOT albino because the gene masks the color. Su questa razza sono state riversate grandi quantità di … Does anyone have any suggestions on what to feed her? Namely you. I attained a blue Dobie at 1 year of age from a rescue and she’s in great health and has no skin issues and is very muscular, agile and athletic as other Dobermans and also very protective of her family including other household pets. Very nice. Fact is all Doberman are awsome. Exactly!! You, however, do sound very stupid and childish by 1. In fact, we were there yesterday as I purchased another Doberman. My first Black and Tan female won my mother over after the first day. His temperament is exceptional. How ignorant is this. your arguments are the same bullshit that the DPCA has been touting for years. Standards change when there is enough demand by the breeders. Extremely proud to announce my boy blue is up for stud Blue is fantastically well with European lines, Blue & Tan Doberman. You can easily make this yourself or call a few vets for other suggestions. remember please dont be a moron and breed these dogs ever ! You are very fortunate to have been blessed with your Dober-pal. Well then what your saying is Veterinarians don’t know what you’re talking about stop playing doctor fool. A little stubborn and head strong, but quick to pick up new things. Orginal and natural skin is brown due to melanin which attracts the sun and creates vitamin d and makes us stronger. His mother comes from Poland well bred. i think that we should do what is best for the breed . Unless you are familiar with and have done extensive research on all of the health issues that are in the breed today such as DCM, DVDob, VWD and hip dysplasia, I do not recommend breeding. I’ll introduce myself and more than one “different” color Doberman. That is most definitely venom and passion. Fawn (or Isabella) colored Dobermans are the rarest of … I didn’t buy a white Dobe but I did just adopt one when our local shelter had to be evacuated and she needed somewhere to go for a few days and I just couldn’t bring her back. ?She starts her puppy training tonight! and behind the bar gravel parking lots. Deduction is usual $100 – $200, and your reimbursement 80% of your bill. I can honestly say even thou pitbulls have a bad rep I have no problems with the pitbulls now the dobies I have a major problems with…her dobie attacks my cat and had my kid by the throat I know not all dobies are this way and I still love all dogs but if she was to have a white dobie that was inbreed somehow it highers the risk for innocent people to get hurt… I agree with people who say its not the dogs fault its the owner cause it is but I do not agree with the whole thing that if God made it it should be here God did not tell someone to make inbreed dobies. A Black Doberman with dd is a blue and a red Doberman with dd is a fawn. And that is across all colours. One of my customers told me about a documentary on Netflix called “Petfooled”. 14,568 votes were collected over five years. Selecting only a specific color, especially fawn, would limit the gene pool significantly, perhaps to less than a single percent. My white is now 6 months old and I couldn’t be happier with her in all regards. Dogs of both genders neutered or spayed at 6 months or younger had significantly increased odds of developing a behavioral disorder, including separation anxiety, noise phobia, timidity, excitability, submissive urination, aggression, hyperactivity, and/or fear biting. All due to old age band sickness. Once I took her to my vet, he notified me of the skin issues. I purchased a red puppy whose dad is red and mom is white. For some dogs, like those who were abused to the point of retched temperament, putting them to sleep in a shelter is better than forcing it to live in fear or possibly putting you or your loved ones in danger due its unpredictable nature. Dal 1995 il blu e l’isabella non sono più ammessi, in quanto è emerso che il gene che attribuiva il colore al manto era lo stesso che generava al cane perdita del pelo (alopecia) e formazione di croste tendenti all’infezione. They were called straw color, yellow and dirty. Two more important terms are genotype and phenotype. Knock on wood no problems for him. She bathed the dog in it and used in spray bottle as insect deterrent. I don’t think all the voodoo science about the whites are real. Get yourself another color more to your liking. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color. Regarding the albinism debate and eye color: albinism can be partial in mammals (and also birds, even wild ones), and can come from various mutations in the genome. But he was gentle as could be around them. We have done all the testing that any breeder should do. People adopt children from other countries and still love them the same. He is crate trained for while she is at work and he loves to go for rides and hikes. When we took the bandage off to dress the wound again, it was gone! They are known as a melanistic Dobermans. Where do you live? We now have a 1 yr old Red female Jordan and we will soon be getting a female red puppy Reagan. Most of all just LOVE your Doberman because they are very sensitive and require being close to their owners/families. i think whitedobielover has the most sense of anyone on here. With the addition of the dilute gene in our thinking, Doberman coat color becomes more complex. She lay in the floor next to him and I would catch her cleaning his face. I want all the colors i may breed i may not breed, but as with any thing line breeding can cause problems. I do believe that they do have a soft stomach . I am looking at an Isabella (Fawn). It is difficult to analyse why the Caucasian colour originated in humans – presumably because melanistic colouration was not particularly needed in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet. Study up, then post a more informative comment. Il cranio, visto dall’alto ha la forma di un cono tronco. We lost 3 German shepherds in 11 months, 2 with in 48 hours of one another. I’ve seen others similarly sized. While he lived to be 9, had I chosen to breed him, and I considered it prior to knowing he was a carrier, I would have done an injustice to the pups and everyone who acquired one. My first dobe came from a first time breeder and he had both DVDob and VWD. I have raised Black and Tan, Red and Tan, Blue and Cream and Tan. Great looking dog, although someone did a hack job on his ears. They are just as loving as any other color. This is often a temptation and the cause of serious genetic problems. Jordan is a great dog but Cleo will always be that One special dog. I am trying my childhood breed of German Shepards now and find myself comparing them. It is seen as inhumane to the dog due to the potential for serious health concerns. Treat them right and the will do the same. All domesticated animals – including all dog breeds are a bit of an abomination or reconstruction of ‘natural selection’ and I feel that we need to be wary of pontificating or judging the significant efforts of those who believe in breeding white Dobermans. Furthermore, whilst I don’t as of yet own one… I think I shall purchase one just to chagrin the louts that scream so loudly about topics such as this, illegal immigrants taking their jobs, and globak warming being an utter farce. We are not trying to replace Katie, that would not be possible. Homozygous means that the 2 genes of the gene pair match, as in BB or bb. Their mothers are forced to have what they don’t want then toss then aside because none of the do gooders want them so they get fostered. I would never say put the white dobermans down, they ARE dogs, but to purposely keep trying to breed white dobies and keep the color going is completely irresponsible. This statement is not intended to make you mad. This is a fallacy. Of course, as is the case with ANY short haired whit dog, there are limitatipns to sun exposure, much the same as with fair-haired humans-They both sunburn easily. meaning dont split hairs over whether or not its albino , or white when making a decision of to breed or not to breed . This is our background. What would actually be beneficial is if all of the passionate people that felt the need to express their explosive opinions on this article actually got together and tried to make an argument collectively to have the dobermans removed from the aggressive dog lists that affect housing. Dobermann: carattere. Did you just comment please don’t neuter your dog? When the very first white Dobermans were discovered due to a mutation, they would breed brother and sister white Dobermans together to make more white Dobermans. I don’t care what harsh bio-cultural forces shaped you, but I don’t like you ya F_____g jerk. I have several dobermans I have all colors including white she is a beautiful happy healthy 2 and a half year old she has no health problems. Calling them stupid. good people raise good dogs. i did some research and the original dam did have a white and the male pup (yes male) was breed with sis litter mates to keep getting the white color. You know. Then there is also Blue & Rust and Fawn (or Isabella) & Rust. I’ll introduce myself and more than one “different” color Doberman. The fact is, finding and producing healthy breed quality Dobermans is difficult, even when using the entire gene pool. Until scientific research is done to prove they are albinoid, you all have no right to bicker like children about a dog. I am sure you didn’t know about the z factor before hand and it should say on it’s AKC papers that there is NO Z FACTOR in its bloodline if it comes from quality breeders. Perhaps through pain or just life’s experiences have instilled, branded them deeply into your heart and spirit. The mutation producing the albino color only functions at high temperature, hence the hair close to the body (where temps are warm) is albino, and the hair at the cooler extremities (ears, face, tail) reverts to the default color of the cat (usually the classic dark color, but sometimes orange, etc. It has been what most often leads to fear biting which is not as prevalent in other colors. LOL We have plenty of Dogs and it’s always time for someone’s check up or booster shots. i am wanting to buy a doberman puppy as a pet because i have heard how intellegent and easily trainable they are. People that badmouth them most have never seen one, and know nothing about them. Article literally just said breeding white ones is inhumane…. But, if you speak with knowledgeable professionals, who hold no bias, you will hear, time after time, after time that the gene that carries the diluted white…..DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY CARRY WEAKENED, UNHEALTHY CHARACTERISTICS….This is a fallacy. To the person who spreads semi thought out racist comments you are comparing white Dobermans to “insecure” white people concluding with white people are unhealthy because of their skin being pale.Specifically that white people suffer from osteoporosis because they cannot go in the sun. He has been checked over by a vet several times and has no vision or health problems. No-brainer. Jessica Where is the Tennessee rescue.. I’m not on Facebook but would like to get in touch with them. Think I will be posting for advice as soon as we know more. Stop. His name was Logan. I think its hilarious that everyone continues to blame the Cream/white Doberman on inbreeding . Had the test shown anything suspicious, the next step would have been a holtor test. I don’t know if he was inbreed. I work for a Holistic Vet that created an incredible line of Cat and Dog food…if you’re interested, I would love to set you up with some free samples and tell you more about it. The fawn Doberman, (sometimes called Isabella color or cinnamon) is a diluted red. But not being willing to see there is a problem will not help at all. Although, that book does contradict itself in so many ways… I digress. WHOMEVER WROTE OF THE WHITE DOBERMAN COLOR IS VERY BADLY INFORMED!!! Our Emma and Bella were each 1 year old rescues within the family because of first health problems and later job transfer of the original owner. They need adult fosters/adopters. Brace yerselves for it… ALMOST ALL PUREBRED DOGS ARE THE PRODUCT OF INBREEDING! If there are genetic problems in a particular line – say, deafness or blindness – then that could easily be mitigated by careful selective breeding. Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. I had a red king dobie for several years, I took him to the local petsmart for trading classes. You are not special. I have rescued many homeless dogs , but I will always own a doberman too. These are all actual “facts” BTW We visit our vet often. What is so different with these? These Dobermans actually do have health probs there white coat shouldn’t be exposed to sun I had a white dobee before. Not the standard black and rust. My lovely boxer/rottwreiler just passed away last week at the ripe old age of 16! We have had various dobies since 1991. With the AKC you will know if the doberman has the possibility of having the recessive trait due to the Z attached to the end of the registration number. If there are genetic problems in a particular line – say, deafness or blindness – then that could easily be mitigated by careful selective breeding. My first doberman was with us some more than 13 years. Both children learnt to walk by grabbing two fists full of Cleo and pulled themselves up? After 2 surgeries to try to give him the best future, the leg didn’t grow as long as his other 3! It is also far easier to know the temperament and shape such when purchasing a pure pup. The tails should have been docked by the breeder.

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